Low water pressure is inconvenient and could even cause other appliances to not function optimally. It could affect water heating, dishwashing, clothes washing, and drying, among other routine yet important chores within the household.

But apart from the hassle low water pressure causes, it is also a possible sign of a serious plumbing problem. For this reason, household heads should have their plumbing system checked once they notice that the water pressure in their house suddenly weakened. Business property owners on the other hand shook seek to hire commercial plumbing service to immediately resolve the matter.

Low water pressure woes

While low water pressure issues do not necessitate the services of an emergency plumber, it certainly requires a scheduled professional diagnosis. Homeowners should not shrug off this matter since it can lead to higher utility bills, damaged foundation and flooring, and even water damage.

Here are some of the possible causes of low water pressure:

Low water pressure can be due to an adjustment in the water supply emanating from the utility board. If the homeowner notices a change in water pressure, then he must check out any announcements from the water board, as it could just be a local issue.

Low water pressure is possibly a community plumbing issue. It is a good idea to inquire with the next-door neighbor if they are also experiencing the same issue, as it could be due to a communal plumbing problem.

Low water pressure is possibly due to hard water issues. Sometimes, hard water sediment and residue could hinder the water from freely flowing in both faucets and showerheads.  

The plumbing fixture issue is also another possible reason why water pressure weakens in a property. Sometimes when the faucet or the showerhead is 

Low water pressure is also attributed to an underground water leak. Water leaks can affect water pressure since the supply gets diverted elsewhere. Underground water leaks are destructive since they can affect the structural foundation of a home, or cause water to seep from the flooring, as well cracks in concrete pavements. It can also cause the water bill to escalate. 

Tips for fixing low pipe water pressure

Any 24-hour Highly rated plumbing companies can deal with low water pressure issues. Get in touch with any local plumber services to immediately address the problem.