An underground water leak can cause several issues at home. It is a serious plumbing concern that requires the intervention of local plumbers since it likely involves underground repair. Repairs of this nature can be invasive, depending on the equipment used by the plumbing company.

Several signs point out an underground water leak. Homeowners should heed these signals and get in touch with one of the plumber repair companies in their area, to immediately resolve the situation.

Signs of an underground leak

An underground water leak manifests in many ways. One of the most obvious though is having puddles in the yard or lawn even when it did not rain. If the potholes are filled with water, then it signifies that there is a leak beneath the ground. The water in the puddle is the same water leaking from the pipe underground.

Cracks, bulging concrete, or suddenly uneven driveway are also indicative of an underground leak. Tap an affordable plumbing service to check on the underground plumbing system, to rule out a possible leak.

Higher water bills

A leak could instantly push water bills to increase, even if there are no changes in how the whole household utilizes water. If the homeowner notices that water bills have escalated, yet there are no leaks in the toilet or any indoor plumbing fixture, then it is time to seek a plumbing maintenance tips check.

Weak water pressure

When water pressure is low in a household, then it is likely that there is a leak elsewhere within the plumbing system. Instead of getting dispensed through faucets or showers, the water supply gets diverted into the leak, affecting water pressure.

Water seeps in from the ground

When puddles of water form in the first level of the house, whether indoor or outdoor, it is a possible sign of an underground water leak. Wet spots could mean that the foundation may have cracked due to the pipe leaking from beneath.

Water leaking from underground can undermine the foundation of a house, so it is best to seek emergency plumbing services to address this problem. likewise, it can also cause sinkholes that are dangerous to both household members and visitors. If the homeowner is suspecting an underground leak, then it is best to check with a local plumber who can accurately detect this issue.